IQAC Members

The following teachers and eminent persons are nominated as a member of Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of the College as per the guidelines of NAAC.

Chairperson Prof. Sanjai Misra Principal
Coordinator Dr. Ram Kumar
Teacher Members 1. Dr. Sanjay Shukla, Associate Professor-Geology
2. Dr. Shobha Bajpai, Associate Professor-English
3. Dr. Sanjive Shukla, Associate Professor-Zoology
4. Dr. O.P.B.Shukla, Associate Professor-Political Science
5. Dr. Jyoti Kala, Associate Professor-English
6. Dr. Gunjan Pandey, Associate Professor-Economics
7. Dr. D.K.Srivastava, Associate Professor-Mathematics
8. Dr. Govind Krishna Misra, Associate Professor-Chemistry
Management Nominee Sri Girish Chandra Shukla
Member from Industrialists 1. Sri Prashant Bhatia
2. Sri Arvind Nath Rastogi
Member from Local Society 1. Sri Brajendra Singh, Manager, Pioneer Montessori School.