B.S.N.V.P.G. College (K.K.V.)

Rovers and youth are two interconnected concepts that play important roles in various domains, including scouting, outdoor education, and youth development programs. Rovers, also known as Rover Scouts or simply Rovers, are the oldest age section within traditional scouting organizations. Rovers are typically open to young adults between the ages of 18 and 26, although the specific age range may vary depending on the scouting association or country.

Rovers are characterized by their focus on personal development, leadership, service to others, and outdoor adventure. They engage in a wide range of activities, including camping, hiking, community service projects, skill development, and cultural exchanges. Rovers often work in small groups or crews, and they have a greater degree of autonomy and responsibility compared to younger scouting sections.

Rover Scouts provide young adults with opportunities to challenge themselves, develop life skills, and contribute to their communities. They foster a sense of camaraderie, personal growth, and a commitment to service, preparing young people for active citizenship and leadership roles.

Combining Rovers and Youth: The Rover Scout movement and similar youth programs create a synergy by bringing together the concept of Rovers and the needs and aspirations of young people. By providing a structured framework for adventure, personal growth, and service, these programs offer youth a platform to explore their potential, develop valuable skills, and make a positive impact on their communities.

Through activities such as camping, team building, leadership development, community service, and cultural exchange, Rovers and youth programs provide opportunities for young adults to broaden their horizons, build self-confidence, develop interpersonal skills, and cultivate a sense of responsibility and purpose. Ultimately, the combination of Rovers and youth-focused initiatives offers a powerful avenue for young people to shape their own futures, contribute to society, and become active, engaged citizens.

In B.S.N.V.P.G. College the Rovers programme is running from last three decades successfully contributing a powerful avenue for the students of the College.

(Prof. Narendra Kumar Awasthi)
Incharge Rovers